Blue containers being filled with liquid on a conveyor at a packaging plant

About Packaging

Fleetchem utilizes specialized packaging solutions and equipment to package everything from small bottles that end up for sale on a store shelf, up to 330 gallon IBC totes that are sold to distributors and bulk customers across the US. We offer a turn-key solution to customers who look to us for managing the packaging process from start to finish, including inventory management, purchasing, order filling, and distribution.

What Makes Our Packaging Different

Customization and efficiency are the key aspects of Fleetchem’s packaging solutions. Whether we are managing your packaging and inventory, bottling your chemicals, or even storing them, we are able to work with your company on its packaging needs.


From bottles that fit on a grocery store’s shelf to hundreds of gallons of chemical blends, we specialize in all types of packaging, big or small.


From inventory management, to purchasing, to order filling, to distribution, we communicate early and often to ensure you are satisfied with your packaging solution.


We will work closely with you to determine what packaging would work best with your product.


Our team is not only experienced in blending and packaging chemical compounds, but we also know how to work with people. Communication and honesty are our best policies.


We offer turn-key solutions from start to finish, which means we work with you every step of the way.


Our equipment and packaging techniques involve the latest and greatest in technology. We are always looking for the next-level solution to chemical blending and packaging.

We make your products, you make the difference.

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