About Warehousing

Fleetchem has over 40,000 square ft. of floor space to accommodate raw materials, packaging supplies, and finished product at our facility. Inventory control is critical to our operation to ensure that we always maintain proper stock levels for our customers. We ship materials FIFO unless our customer would specify otherwise.

What Makes Our Warehousing Different

Our attention to detail and large amount of floor space means we have a well-stocked inventory. We’re always ready to serve our customer’s chemical needs.


We maintain proper stock levels so we always have access to materials needed to make your chemical blends.


Whether it’s with our inventory, our time, or your product, organization allows us to blend, package, and store your product efficiently.

Attention to Detail

It is critical to keep track of inventory, storage, and shipping schedules so you receive your quality product on time.


We ship materials FIFO unless otherwise specified. We inform our customers of our policies and work with you when an issue may arise.


From chemical blending and packaging to storing and stocking inventory, we always have our customer’s best interests at heart.


Our 40,000 square foot facility is large enough to accommodate a well-stocked inventory which means you receive your product quickly.

We make your products, you make the difference.

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