About Our Shipping

Fleetchem has several shipping docks allowing for the ability to load and unload multiple shipments simultaneously, ensuring that trucks are processed in and out of our facility in a timely manner. Additionally, our strategic location in the Midwest, halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton, places your products within a few hours’ drive to most locations in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana, and within a single day drive of 60% of the US population.

What Makes Our Shipping Different

Sometimes clients need to outsource to a contract manufacturer for efficiency or cost. We are a well-located chemical blender and distributor within a single day drive of 60% of the United States population. And our prices are often more affordable than larger competition.


Our experienced workers, state-of-the-art equipment, and ability to blend, package, and ship means your products are in good hands.


We are located in Ohio, between Cincinnati and Dayton, which means we are able to easily access and ship to the Midwest. And we’re within a day’s drive to over half the United State’s population.


We have worked with every step of the chemical blending process, including shipping to your location.

Quick and Efficient

Our company is big enough to handle large volumes and small enough to quickly fill custom orders.


Shipping is a process that we have perfected so your work order is blended, packaged, and shipped within 48 hours.


We work closely with you to establish when your product is packaged, shipped, and due for arrival.

We make your products, you make the difference.

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